We are taking a short break!

...Just for a few weeks while we rebrand and move production facilities.

Questions you might be asking:

Why the break?
We are working hard to improve our service for you, and need a few weeks to get the new and improved OL up and running.

What happens to my subscription?
Your subscription is now cancelled. This means you will not be charged for any future orders.

Can I still place an order?
Whether you are a new or existing customer, new orders cannot be placed until we are up and running again. We'll send an email to let you know when this is, so you can resume your subscription.

I received a confirmation email for an order. Will this order still be delivered?
Yes, you will still be receiving that order.

What happens to my account information?
Your account information will be saved so that you are able to log back into your account once we are back online.

When will you back online?
In a few weeks time. We'll let you know the exact date via email shortly, so you'll know when you can resume your subscription.

For enquiries or assistance, please contact support@odysseylean.com